Richard is 47, married to Fran and lives in Kidderminster with their 4 children Olive 7, Nancy 5, Peggy 3 and Ted who's nearly 2.  A local businessman Richard owns and runs a Teacher Supply Agency in Hagley called Academic Choice and along with Gavin Haynes A Sporting Chance which in turn operates Woodfield House Outdoor Education Centre in Wolverley.
Richard says:
"In 1999 I had a serious car accident that has left me with a fused ankle which is now seriously arthritic and this may cause me some issues.  I'll need to sensible and take care, especially on the descents.
Initially, when I said I wanted to put a group together for 3 peaks, people seemed to think I was joking, then when they realised how serious I was people started saying they'd join me.  The team that you can see on here are the few who actually came good!  A great bunch of blokes with different levels of experience and a range of skills and qualities.
For me, the Three Peaks presents not just a physical challenge but a mental one too, it provides inspiration and a sense of purpose and gives me something to get my teeth into for me!  Some may call it a mid life crisis!
Thanks to Fran and the kids for putting up with my pre occupation with these three mountains.  I'll be doing it for you guys too and the thought of that will help to keep me going when it gets really tough!"